Become a Summer Must Ambassador

Do you have lots of fans and followers on social media? Do you get lots of views under your stories and large number of likes on your photos? Summer Must is currently seeking brand ambassadors to spread the word about our company online.

 As an ambassador, you will…

 Receive a personal code for discounts AS WELL AS a discount to share on social networks

  1. You get a 15% OFF Code for yourself and a 10% OFF Code for you fans. Yes, we will let you choose the name of the code! (For Example: Anna2021)
  2. Encourage your fans to use your discount referral link (Tik-Tok, Instagram, Facebook, you can choose)
  3. Sneak Peeks at new products. Yes, you will be able to share first the items with your fans
  4. Expose your photos through our growing Instagram and Facebook Pages through re-posts
  5. Post at least 1 image and 1 story of either Summer Must products and/or website promo per week on Instagram.
  6. Receive a 40EURO Voucher when your code has been used 20 times
  7. Be located either in Cyprus or Greece, as these are our current delivery locations at the moment. If you are not located in Cyprus and Greece, DON’T worry, stay tuned, more locations are coming up soon.


 Terms and Conditions:

  1. Personal and Discount Code will be available as long as you meet the requirements above
  2. No refund and returns are allowed on discounted orders or Voucher purchases.
  3. Picture posts on Social Media must be posted in high quality
  4. Promo Code and Voucher Code cannot be combined.
  5. Code name, must be unique and without space. Letters, Numbers and Symbols are allowed.


Think You Have What It Takes to Become a Summer Must Ambassador? Get in touch today!

All successful applications will be notified through an email.

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